I am so angry with him. I just can't help it. He is putting us all through this, my DS heart is broken.

BF was so horrible to me, with every fibre of his being. I just don't know what made him turn. I thought we were happy as can be and then about 2 years ago he changed - is that when the mask slipped? I don't know.

18 months ago when I asked him why he hasn't asked to marry me he told me that why would we do that? Do we just pretend we are in love? The question I had always been afraid of asking because I was scared of the answer then I asked it and he said that smile

1. The confusion of the relationship, of him always wanting me there but also pushing me away.
2. Him telling me that 'things haven't been right since we had DD' - I had 2 children under for 2 for goodness sakes. I looked back over old emails and he was obviously feeling deprived of SF but also sounded very in love?
3. That he was never going to leave - 'we have what we have'
4. Telling me on the first night of the skiing holiday that he 'ffffing despised me' and I cant remember what we actually rowed about ??!
5. How he said if I had 'behaved' i would have had a lot more
6. All the memory bank listing of all the things I had 'done wrong'

I just don't understand any of it. We could have had it all forever. You would think he would be relieved to be away from me? Not trying to break the Plan B. Can someone try and explain this behavior? Did he simply go off me and get bored no challenge? He gave up smoking about that time was it that the withdrawal contributed to such behaviour?

I know from his past history that he has NEVER lived with anyone harmoniously.

I wrote Dr Harley just before I sent the Plan B Letter - he said;

He does what he pleases because there is very little recourse for you when you object. The point of the separation is to put the ball in his court.