Morning Peeps.

Still here still posting.

Been spending time focusing on me much more and working out who CoolB is. I have all this time now so started to make a little list of what I would like to do...

Expand social circle - I have some amazing friends I would just like to meet some new people who dont know anything about the situation
Join a tennis club - always quite good at it so would like to join something
Do more yoga - i always feel so much better after a yoga session - I have booked a day retreat for next Thursday
Have always wanted to go to Copenhagen so may book a weekend to go there..on my own or is that a bit weird?

I am finding that I am actually quite isolated and although I have some lovely friends around me, I cut a lot of people off when I met BF. So I am almost a bit bored.

Anyway I also get the children back today wooohooo.

Happy Thursday everyone.