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Once you stop breaking plan B, you will quickly see that this behaviour is just more horse manure.

THIS MADE ME CHUCKLE...but it is so depressing. Now my emotions have calmed down I am starting to realise how badly he treated me in the end. I even looked at old photos and saw that I looked really ill.

I just can never see him coming to that realisation. I think what he is trying to do is break my Plan B so that we can open up communication and then we just pick up where we left off...It is a marathon.

He will probably just end up meeting someone else, much easier to start something new then rebuild the old. I can't even imagine going on a date, I couldnt think of anything worse. It would still feel like I was cheating on BF.

BF told the children he only has 4 months left in his 'temporary house', I said what happens then and DS said he comes home............

Thanks again for your post..

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