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I ignored the text and this morning have informed my brother (IM) to tell BF that as stated in the letter i would not like to have any direct contact with him.

and now block him

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I am putting so much trust in this Plan/Marriage Builders. This is almost as hard as giving him the Plan B letter. The way I thought we would resolve things would be keeping some line of communication open as I know thats how he works. This is SCARY.

This man will never agree to the terms of the letter and will just want to slide his way back into my life gently.

Yes and remember how well that worked for you when he did that last year?

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Plan B is about protecting what love you still have for BF in the hope that he will decide to meet your terms. If he cannot or will not meet your terms, you will go out into the world knowing that you did everything you could. Your children are seeing that too. But plan B does not work if it leaks. It needs to be completely watertight.

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