Being silly and allowed myself to become annoyed by something BF said to DS.

He only was honest in what he said to DS and I should not be angry Or hurt. It probably is the truth. It just takes me back to an anxious feeling I always had in the relationship, which was BFF not being fully committed/ambivalent. This is why I am doing what I doing to get away from that!

I feel a change in me more accepting of the future without him. I have walked around all day on my own happy in my own skin. Dark Plan B is good for me even though scary at first. I know he is very annoyed about me cutting off phone contact. That got mentioned by the children again.

I guess I am struggling with telling DS his mum and Dad are never going to be together again. It is also hard to hear this out loud from DS.

I am better off away from this man the way he is, the distance is good for the children too. We all know that the possibility of change/remorse is near to zero.

He also told the children that he was heartbroken when he was not with them.

There is a parents evening on Tuesday which he wrote his name down for. I let him know through IM that I would be going as well. He got really annoyed about that to the kids. Oh well, is there anything I do which doesn’t annoy him????

Night all