I have allowed him to get to me. I have been awake most of the night.

3 things.

1 taking the children the our friends house on Friday - they are his ‘new friends’ and I know he has been confiding in the girl
2 getting our DS to shave his back he only does this if someone is going to see it which means he probably has a woman on the go
3 saying he doesn’t think we will get back together

I feel like all the above was made to get at me, and all the other things before. BUT they probably aren’t they are just him moving on frown

I am annoyed that I didn’t react to the way he was behaving last week. He was trying to reconnect with me and I ignored under Plan B. DS even said to me Mum if you responded then maybe Dad would have apologised and you would be sorting things out.

So now I have been up most the night.

I am still totally in love with him. How am I going to cope with when he actually has a new GF and starts introducing her to everyone? My mind is going crazy thinking what’s he up to???

My saving grace is that I am primary carer of the children. He gets them 8 nights per month. That’s all.