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I am punishing myself for not responding to his communications. His texts etc...I feel I should have responded

I have pains in my chest and my anxiety levels are high.

How could he tell our DS we are never getting back together???

I need to pull myself together it will get better as the day goes i am in a bad way I knew this would happen.

Please get to your doctor this week to see about short term meds for anxiety and depression. They will help, although it usually takes a week or two to kick in. For immediate help, ask for something that will work right away to reduce your anxiety.

Your boyfriend should have communicated his intention to change through your IM. That way you would have known he was serious about the first step. Trying to break the Plan B protection wall is a way for him to call the shots and be in control. Remember to tell your children you don't want to hear about their father, his conversations with them, their thoughts and "advice" about what you should have done. Get some exercise and go be with some friends and don't discuss your boyfriend or your situation with them. If they ask, tell them you are not in contact with him and don't want to talk about it. Stay dark, even in your thoughts. Several threads of women in Plan B said they would wear a rubber band around their wrist and snap it when they started ruminating and dwelling on their situation.

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