So for what was a hell of a morning turned out to be a wonderful evening. I am so blessed with DS and DD they are just wonderful in every way.

We cooked together and put on some loud music and danced together. My DD who is 6 loves Grease so we danced our socks off to that in the lounge.

I have worked out DS who is 7 is a right little minx. He loves ‘pillow talk’ at night time when he gets everything off his chest. I now have an elastic band whenever I feel tempted to bring up BF I snap it. Because pillow talk is my vulnerable time.

So DS saw me looking at Louis Vuitton bags on my phone and told me that he told BF that Mum has been looking at LV bags and they are £2k each. He said that BF got really mad and started saying it’s me paying for all these things son!!!! Then DS said Dad you need to calm down you need anger mgmt and BF apparently got really angry and started shouting. I did tell DS off for being disrespectful but boy did we laugh so much. We cried with laughter because I am definitely not getting an LV bag and forcDS to suggest anger management! I have sussed DS our though he is playing us off on each other winding each other up. So I have pulled him on that.

Dear me kids hey!

Thanks All for being here