Hi Peeps

I have to admit I have allowed his comment ‘I am never coming back’. My belief is that was said out of anger after I have blocked his number and not answered his text messages.

From his point of view we established contact 10 days ago, with us sending some messages about the children, him sending me pictures and even having a conversation on the doorstep. The he reaches out by telling me his poorly (expecting me to show sympathy) and I ignored his messages and then he thinks I went out an a date. He also is really annoyed because he put his name down on the list for parents evening at the school. I let him know through IM that I would join him. He kicked off about that in front of the children and said you mother is taking my parents evening away from me. Wah! Wah! Wah!

My feeling is he is really angry. That his state of mind at the moment.

However, I have allowed his antics at the weekend to get to me and can’t shake off the anxiety feeling. I keep thinking back to how he treated me last year and not allow him to make me feel rubbish about myself the way he did. I have to keep focused on how awful he was to me, the arrogance and entitlement.

I am staying strong and have not reacted to anything he did at the weekend, even in anger, spite or panic or whatever. I have responded appropriately to his requests to IM. He sent one through this morning complaining about something my son has access to on his IPad. Even though BF has set up an Instagram account for my son which has open access!!!!!

I have to think of it - the cheek of it - I am not coming back!! I asked you to leave and what makes him think I want him back the way he has been.

I am proud of myself I have not allowed him to provoke me I anyway. I have not contacted him once.

Not sure if he is going to parents evening tonight but I am not missing out. I am going there for the children.