Hi Peeps

I have had a good week. Been getting into work and focusing on the children and had my first tennis lesson today!

Had a lot of messages through the week from BF. I am not sure whether he is really moving on or trying to yank my chain, I think he is decided it’s over and trying to move on with his life. Or maybe he is trying to get a reaction who knows.

1 message from IM on Weds from BF was unhappy with my DS using a certain app on his iPad.
2 message on Thursday saying that can I actually make DS chat to him on the phone? As he didn’t feel like DS wanted to talk to him.
3. Today this morning - That he isn’t happy with me making a change to the schedule next week. That he would like to stick to a regular schedule without changes. Can’t believe this one since only this week he asked to make a change to take DS to football Monday night!
4. Today this afternoon - That he would like the flight details for Antigua to see if he can get a refund on flights?

It’s funny I don’t even feel needled at all anymore. Yes whatever BF! Whatever you want..::

Funny something has definetly shifted in me.

Living Well is he trying to needle me? Why?

I am feeling so good this week:)