The reason why we recommend a solid plan B is we learned to understand the MB program. It is designed to recover your life while minimizing damage and pain. If you have questions about the program, or if you don't like the plan, please use this forum for clarification, or contact Dr Harley again.

Wether or not your relationship will be able to recover depends on the willingness to follow the steps laid out in the plan B letter and participate in the MB program.

The chances of recovery are zero if the initial willingness is not there, if the requirements are not met. The longer you stay in a painful plan C, the more damage is done to you personally, so more time needed to heal from additional damage.

Plan B protects you and a solid plan B will help you regain control and sanity. You are in an emotional rollercoaster and every time you have contact, it is day zero. When you are in a solid plan B, your emotions will step aside and hand over the steering wheel to your ratio.
Take care!