Hi all

Just checking in.

We are all in self isolation here in the UK. Luckily we have the perfect house for it.

BF has made numerous attempts to poke holes in plan. My IM is starting to feel the pressure again. BF has said that we are going to be in the rest of each other’s lives forevever because of the children and is insisting on contact. Also does not like the time difference.

He picked the children up over the weekend and came in the house wanting to chat. He dropped the children off another day and wondered round to the back garden and started up his motorbike then left.

I really feel like I am totally checked where he is concerned and I am feeling so much bettter out of it and away from him. Finally! It has taken me 9 weeks!! I am actually starting to look forward to a healthier future. I can’t believe I endured that awful behaviour for so long.