Hi there

Another quick update. I have spending lots of time with BF both with the kids and on our own once they are in bed.

Something still does not sit right with me.

I don’t feel like he is particularly remorseful about the affair, his words were his head was turned but it ‘was nothing’. That he met up with her once after work. He also said things were so awful between us that’s why I had the affair. This is an emotional affair that has been going on for months and he expects me to believe he met up with her once?

Also he mentioned to me how awful it had been the last few years. He said that we just did not get on and the issues such as:

1 me wanting the kids to go to private school
2. I wanted a third child
3 I wanted to get married

I mean really?! Are they such awful things for me to have desires such as these?!

So today when the kids were indoors watching a film and we were sat outside, I told him that I still felt that he hadn’t been honest about how often he had met up with the other woman and how I don’t feel like he is remorseful about what happened. That unless he is willing to be open and honest with me there is no point him coming round here.

He then did the usual which was to get angry and start saying things like I am not going to put up with this for the rest of my life with you keep going on about it.

So I am back to square one I guess. He needs to come clean with me about what actually happened and realise how much it hurt me before he comes back round here.