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So he wants to reconcile/move back in after his affair, but only if you stop nagging about a future together and don't do the same terrible things that made him have the affair in the first place.

Pretty much.

What I really want to say to him if it was so awful then what are you doing back here?

He actually said we don’t get on and we have tried counselling. He was always the one who wanted to go to counselling not me. We did go but the counsellor would give us suggestions, she picked up on the fact that I found it difficult to communicate with him about ‘issues’ as he would explode and start shouting. That could be about anything that would irritate him. That is why so often I gave up.

He is here again today, we are barely speaking. This time he bought me ice cream and eggs. I have lost my voice again.

I just can’t communicate with him. I am scared to say anything to him as it sets him off.

I am also so fed up of people who I haven’t heard of for ages contacting me to find out the gossip. What do I tell them? Mind your own business I haven’t heard from you for 6 months.