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Seems to me you want him to care.

His actions don't show care.

In this respect he doesn’t but whilst he has been round the house he is trying to show he cares. For example, showing concern over a bad hand I have and offering to take the kids out for an hour walk so I can get some time to relax. He is also getting lots of jobs round the house for me.

Problem I have is something just doesn’t feel right in my heart. I know that I am settling really and there are things I can’t even say to him. It’s difficult because I don’t want to raise things with him during the day when the kids are awake in case it turns into an argument, but then he usually leaves once the kids are in bed and heads home so I would have to call him in the evening.

I want to call him tonight and say I don’t feel like you are particularly remorseful about the affair, that you blame it on how bad things were between us? But I know that he will get angry that I am still going on about it and he will probably put the phone down on me and it will return to Plan B. Also I feel I need to reiterate to him that I will never live with him again unless he was married and he will probably laugh in my face.

It’s just a total disaster really. If I assert myself he will just lose his temper and if I don’t I am left with this unsettling feeling that we are wasting our time being with each other.

He has basically told me that we are spending time together to see how we get on before he moves back in. I have told him conversations need to be had before that happens!

I want to ring him tonight and tell him that I feel he is not remorseful at all about the affair! Any thoughts please?

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