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He didn’t really make much effort with me at all, he did initially to get me to spend time with him, as soon as he did it went back to how it was before.<snip>

He has come back EXPECTING us to reconcile, that he thinks he has done nothing wrong and his affair was a result of our poor relationship. He Is treating this period as time to ‘see how it goes’ before moving back in.

Your BF is very consistent. He has said all along that he expects to go back to the way things were. The problem with very driven and determined people is that they do not easily change. You have done nothing to shake him out of his belief that he will win meaning come back without changing a thing.

What is your plan? If you keep going like this you will hate him, damage your children and become ill.

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Divorced - he was a serial adulterer
Now remarried, thank you MB
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