Thank you Living_Well

I guess my plan is to go back to Plan B, he was suppose to be coming over later today to spend time with us but that won’t be happening. I am certainly not having him in the house.

I am really concerned about his boundaries around women. There is this strange thing he does which is befriend attractive married/attached women. It just has to stop before he can start coming round here. I am not sure why he does this, for his ego?

For example, he got really friendly with another married woman who I am also friends with through been school governors and said he has been to her house to do yoga with her and her husband (which was backed up by what I saw on his phone). I told him that it is inappropriate and he said he is doing a ‘bit of business with her husband’.

I also have another very attractive female friend that needed some building work on her and her partners house. He started getting involved in that too and struck up a relationship with her and her partner. She is totally in love with her partner, and then BF said again that he gets on really well with her partner and he is making money out of the project.

It’s just odd behaviour it’s like he is making excuses to be around attractive looking women.

I told him yesterday that he needs to stop all this before he spends time here with me and the kids.

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