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I guess my plan is to go back to Plan B.

You have never been in Plan B. I think what has happened is that you have been confused by what Dr Harley told you to do. You have missed a critical step. BF needs to meet the conditions of your Plan B. You do not set eyes on him AT ALL until he meets those conditions; actions not words. Once he has done that and you are convinced he has genuinely addressed the issues, the next step will be to start dating.

Dates are for enjoyment, not for discussing your relationship. If, when you are dating him you find that he starts flirting/drinking/arguing, you will dump him. I'm sure you would not have been attracted to him when you first met him if he had done any of those things and you will not be attracted to him now.

The final happy ending, if he has cleaned up his behaviour and you are sure that the changes are permanent is that he asks you to marry him. That is the final step, you will not get there for a year.

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