I hear you Living_Well I really do.

I think I got sucked back in because I was hating the children going away and wanted to test the waters.

I get it now I really do. I have changed since he left in January. This time spending time with him and as different and I was looking at him in a different light. It was almost like I was dating him and thinking well the fact that I can’t talk to him without him blowing up is not a good sign.

It’s going to be a long road but I am not in any rush and I am not going anywhere.

I have read back over old posts and people were right. Melody Lane was right that when he knows I am serious about this he will barge into your home and he did. If only I had kept it up, I think he would have met my conditions.

I do have a question Living_Well. You mentioned you think there is hope for me because BF moved out. I don’t quite get this because I thought there would have been more hope if he had tried to stay and work things out?

Raining non stop here in the UK, chilling out with the kids doing some baking and watching family movies.