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I have read back over old posts and people were right. Melody Lane was right that when he knows I am serious about this he will barge into your home and he did. If only I had kept it up, I think he would have met my conditions.

So pick yourself up Cool and get started. You have nothing to lose.

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I do have a question Living_Well. You mentioned you think there is hope for me because BF moved out. I don’t quite get this because I thought there would have been more hope if he had tried to stay and work things out?

Interesting question; I looked back at your early story. He left temporarily, apparently for another woman. That apparently quickly fizzled out (maybe he dumped her). I get the impression that he stayed away in the hope that you would 'get over it'. If he had decided to pull the plug because there was no hope, he would either have moved straight back in or put the house up for sale.

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