Hi all

Everyday I have been meaning to have the conversation with BF about Plan B letter conditions and no time seems right. He is making such an effort and completely different to how he was the year before he left. He is giving me lots of compliments, helping more around the home not showing any of the bad behaviour before he left like snapping at me, taking me for granted etc. So me having this conversation really feels like I am being disruptive.

However I know it needs to be done, as I feel this anxiety when I am around him.

Anyway he is coming round this evening to put the children to bed and then wants us to spend some time together so I guess this is it frown. I will tell him tonight. He feels that everything is going well and that we are getting on. His complaint before was that we don’t get on. Well the difference is now he wants to get on!!!! That’s why we are.

I known it’s the right thing to do, as if he were to move back in without meeting any of my condition, the anxiety would eat away at me.

The marriage issue is eating away at me the most and how any woman puts up with this their entire life I don’t know.

I have another question - are some people better at burying things and living with relationship ‘issues’.

I have so many friends who have weird things in their relationships/marriages such as one husband who tells her he works late every evening’ he has cheated in the past. Regularly she posts on fb how in love she is. A friend of mine waited for 14 years for her now fiancé to propose but never let it really get to her enough.

Thanks guys Happy Friday.

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