That went well, not!

So having spent four weeks together, I finally told him how I feel about things.

He has been making an effort in his way to get on with each other. He has been doing jobs round the garden, spending money on the house to get things fixed and being affectionate. Something just has not sat right with me. He has stayed over the last 3 nights sleeping in the spare room. He has tried to have SF with me which I have not done. To me it has just felt like it was before with him living here and not been fully engaged. He has not made any verbal communication with me, he sees the situation that we did not get on for 3 or 4 years and that this is giving it a go to see how we get on.

So I have been telling him for the last few days we really need to talk. So this morning he came over to pick the kids up and then I had a conversation with him to say that I am finding this situation really difficult. He said it is difficult because of the corona virus and if it wasn’t for that we could date each other and see how we get on that way. I said that maybe it is a good idea to revert back to how the situation was before until the lockdown is over and pick it up from there. I then told him that I wanted to be clear that in order for us to live together again we would have to be married. He then started to get angry and say things like who do you think you are? It is like you are blaming me for all our problems that I am playing the victim and I am at fault for the broken relationship too. That I expect that we can pretend to be all fluffy and happy and everything is ok?? He then said I have to live in this awful Rented house, and I told him that he never had to he could have came to see me to try and sort things out. He thought I was playing the victim and that he was going to stand for friends and family looking down on him.

He then calmed down and tried to find me in the house and came up to me and gave me a hug and left.

This is so sad and I think I have finally had enough of clinging onto someone who is so half hearted about me.

I feel relieved again. Its all absolute horse manure.