Thank you Living, I really appreciate your time and support.

I have totally shut down and I am out as far as BF is concerned.

He turned up the following day pretending everything was normal. I told him that I meant everything I said to him that I told him yesterday. I pretty much told him everything I felt which is that he has treated me like dirt for a year which ended with him having an affair. He has shown no remorse for the affair and the only reason we are getting on now is because he is making an effort to get on with me rather than before when he irritable, short tempered and basically totally uninterested in me. Now he is making an effort with me because he has had a taste of what he can lose.

The only reason I gave into him when the lockdown came is because of the children. It felt so good to have them under the same roof as me again. Not having to have them leaving me twice a week.

I don’t feel he was totally remorseful about his affair and he said it ended the day he moved out. I think he is lying about who she is and how often they met up.

I don’t feel I can ever come to terms with the children being away from me 2 nights a week. As always I will dread the time they will have holidays without me.

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