I am a bit embarrassed to come back here and you were all right about him.

I let him hoover me right back up into my life. He turned up 2 days after my last message and made it clear that marriage would be an option for us both in the future.

Then during the course of the last few weeks he decided that our son would go to private school after him making it clear during the last couple of years that he wasn’t interested in this. When he phoned to tell me he said I though you would be more excited that this, I was just perplexed as to what had changed his mind? For 2 he had made me think he didn’t want to send him and now all of a sudden he is doing this great thing after 2 years of telling me no?

So things had been going on him coming here all weekend. He had been getting drunk every weekend to the point of being ill the next day. Just yesterday Fathers Day he stayed at his house and then turned up at 1pm hungover. My daughter had cried in the morning saying where is Daddy? I guess there is a point in everyone’s life when you realise you have had enough?

He then proceeds to ask me if he can have son or daughter to stay at his house this week and I told him no this is there home. He then said but that’s where I live in the other house? I said is it so you have no plans to come home? He said well I think we need to get us right first. Laughable.

Yes you were right Melody Lane he has absolutely been cake eating. Yes you were right Goody2Shoes he was coming back to test the waters to see if it wasn’t as awful as before.
I am gobsmacked and dumbfounded. You have may all seen it but I definetly didn’t. I knew you were telling me but I didn’t want to believe. Not because I was desperate for him, but desperate to keep the family together and my children under my roof every night.

I am in Plan B.

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