My brother will be IM.

What a mess, I can’t believe I allowed him back in.

I spoke to his best friend last night he agreed with me that he has been cake eating and even he said that he has always needed therapy and I would stipulate your conditions before letting him back in. He told me how he grew up with a mother who completely doted on him and did everything for him. That he was put on a pedestal. That she covered for him and would lie for him to get him out of difficulty. He agreed that he changed about 2 years ago, stopped communicating and caring.

BF is not in his right mind to treat his children and I this way. It would be easy if I could put a label on it such as BPD or narcissism. Then I would at least help me understand. Maybe he was just ambivalent about me and that he wasn’t in love with me and that was it no more. He needs serious therapy before I would consider anything.

I now need to change locks as he will barge back in when he knows I am serious. I also need to sort out finances and child arrangements.

Thank you.

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