Thank you Living Well

BF sent me email Sat evening saying he has booked go karting for the weekend for us ALL to go go-karting. That’s for the weekend he has the kids not this weekend the following.

How do I respond? I was thinking I would love to but we need to talk first?

He has been texting and calling every day and I have just been polite, friendly and respectful.

I am actually quite surprised at Dr Harleys response I thought he would recommend to go straight to Plan B. Instead he was saying be friendly, warm and respectful and talk to him about his drinking. BF is being the same back, but all I am thinking is how could he abandon us like this? Why hasn’t he pushed to come home? He has cheated on me, left me, come back and I am still trying to work things out?! It is so humiliating. Dr Harley must have seen something there or wouldn’t have advised me to do this.

I saw my Mum today and she said I hope your having nothing to do with him? I said that we are working things out. She looked so upset.

I can’t understand most of all how he can sit in his house and be away from his children as much as this.

Most of all I cannot understand why I want this man back. He has deserted us basically.

Does anyone on this forum understand alcoholics and how that may affect relationships?

It was like I was hoping Dr Harley was going to recommend go back to Plan B.

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