I need to get a hold of my emotions - I am letting it rule my thinking.

I go down this destructive path of thinking he doesn't want me and focus on that.

BF came to pick DD up this morning to take her to school. He came in the house and stayed for 30 minutes chatting mostly to me. He looked awful, I asked him if he was ok? He said that when he lost his phone he had lost of all of his contacts, important work info ect... He said everything is going wrong at the moment, everything is such a mess and looked close to tears. I gave him a hug and he left. He has always been disorganised and losing things all the time, its one of the things that use to drive me mad when we were together.

He still hasn't suggested we talk. I guess he is fighting his feelings. He knows how I feel I suggested talking to him last week. He knows the door is open.

I acted as Dr Harley said, calm, kind and respectful.