HI MB Peeps

Wow what a roller coaster. I got in such a state about how things were that I emailed Joyce Harley and described the situation. That BF had not made any effort to talk to me or spend time with me since the fall out last week. I have told him several times that we need to talk and he has made no attempt.

Joyce emailed straight back and said I should go into Plan B. What a relief! I was really struggling being back in situation where he was blowing hot and cold and had not made any attempt to sort things out.

He came to drop of DD from school, took his shoes off and came in the house and sat on the couch. Bearing in mind I haven't told him that I dont want anymore contact with him. I said DS is ready for football, BF said I don't need to go yet!! I told him that I had packed a bag for DS to stay at his house tonight and he could home school him at his house tomorrow. I even offered to pick DS up from his house tomorrow afternoon (this made me chuckle as previously I have refused to even go there as I found it too distressing). BF looked shocked and surprised. Then BF said, I thought we could all go to the toy shop on Saturday after the sports morning, I said but thats not part of the schedule, we need to stick to the schedule? Then BF said ofcourse, then looked really sad and then suggested that we could go Friday?? He is not getting the message. I didnt want to get into the details in front of the children.

I feel so much better now, taking back the control. I am dark Plan B and planning to move on. IN fact I am actually looking forward to moving on.

When he came round tonight, I looked at him in a diffferent way. I am not sure that I even want him anymore. I had no admiration for him, not attraction for him.

Funny how I get more attention from him when I am in Plan B - what the hell is that all about?

Let the darkness begin and my healing start.

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