So here I am in Plan B.

Already the requests have come through from the IM on changes to the kids schedule. It’s like as soon as he can’t have me tries to contact me more.

DS starts his new school tomorrow and BF wants to pick him up from school. No problem. I am sad about our situation it should be such an exciting family occasion.

I am in lots of pain which I am trying to self meditate. I am also trying to move myself into the train of thought why on earth would you want to be around someone who mistreats you this way? Dr Harley spoke a lot about thoughtlessness and making decisions without considering the impact on your spouse/partner.

We spoke last week about us having a talk. BF has had so much opportunity to do that. He made no attempt. I really don’t understand the guy he is so confusing. He hates plan b, hates not seeing his children all the time yet has not tried to talk with me. He could see how much pain I was in last week.

If only he hadn’t moved somewhere so public either. He has moved to a really busy area where he bumps into people all the time. Mostly my friends. He has brought so much shame on our family. I am so embarrassed.

Slowly starting to check out. I am tired of being mistreated. I have a wonderful friend who has been helping me through the last few months. Her and her husband are friends with us both. She has been really positive about BF coming back, then after witnessing the way he has been has said you deserve so much better. My husband would never be unkind to me.