Anyone out there?

I am bouncing around all over the place.

I need to GET HAPPY. I am free. I don’t have someone who gives me the silent treatment for weeks for raising an issue with them.

I really need to be more upbeat.

Let someone else deal with him?

Things I put up with to remind me;

Silent treatment for weeks
Lack of commitment
Weekly hangovers
Never been good enough
Name calling
Accused of having affairs
Nothing nice to say about me....ever
Playing the victim
Making mean jokes about me in front of others
No affection unless it’s for SF
Rolling over in bed and not even saying goodnight

I just found from my mother that when he dropped the children off to her once he said to my step dad “thank god that’s over 5 years of hell with that little minx”.

Comeon CoolB do you like being abused?