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Things I put up with to remind me;

Silent treatment for weeks
Lack of commitment
Weekly hangovers
Never been good enough
Name calling
Accused of having affairs
Nothing nice to say about me....ever
Playing the victim
Making mean jokes about me in front of others
No affection unless it’s for SF
Rolling over in bed and not even saying goodnight
Is most of this as a result of his drinking?

If most of it is then when he stops drinking, you date again. If there is any further appearance of silent treatment, name calling, never been good enough, nothing nice to say, moods, no affection - things that do not seem to be directly related to drinking, but to his attitude and (lack of) love for you, you know that this is as good as it gets and you say goodbye.

Actually, reading that list I'm sure hardly anybody would understand why you want to make this relationship work - but there must be something he does for you that creates the feeling of love. I can't believe that you keep trying with him just because he's the father of your children. If you've been free of the humiliating behaviour for months now while he hasn't lived with you, you must be happier; so why do you keep trying with him? Why haven't you said that it's over - weeks and weeks ago?

Married 1989
His PA 2003-2006
2 kids.