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Things I put up with to remind me;

Silent treatment for weeks
Lack of commitment
Weekly hangovers
Never been good enough
Name calling
Accused of having affairs
Nothing nice to say about me....ever
Playing the victim
Making mean jokes about me in front of others
No affection unless it’s for SF
Rolling over in bed and not even saying goodnight
Is most of this as a result of his drinking?

I don't know if its a result of his drinking. There are some things on the list that he does when he is drunk. I don't have any experience with alchoholics or how it impacts the brain. I have asked Melody as I know she has some experience here and I have googled a lot.

Dr Harley touched on his lack of care and thoughtlessness of the radio show. He said that women are programmed to think of others and men aren't always programmed that way. That he has to learn how to take your feelings into consideration each time he does things.

Dr Harley said that generally speaking that women turn men into a more thoughtful person. That women tend to spend time when they are married try to turn their spouse into a more thoughtful person for her.

Dr Harley offered to counsel us.

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