I am so sorry I am on here all the time, I am just obsessed with trying to keep my family together. I do love BF too and so worried that he is slipping away through my fingers. I can’t quite believe I am still hanging in there? I am in no rush. DS said yesterday when Dad dropped him off can you both just get back together please? Silence.

I am terrified that all of how he has behaved is because he is simply not interested in me and he wants to go off and chase other women. He may even have another woman which is why he wanted to keep the house on, who knows? I guess he is free to do so as we are not living together and not married. He is constantly telling me what he is doing when he is not with me, even though I haven’t been asking.

He has been ambivalent about the relationship for over a year now. First off he complained of lack of SF and when that got better he complained that we did not get on.

As usual I had my morning low and then I got myself out for a run with happy music and then had a shower put some make up on and I am just about to do the school run. Feeling much better even on zero sleep lol.

Thank you all for reading and supporting me the crazy obsessive poster.