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I received a text from him at 1am this morning, I think he may have been drinking...

...Anyway I spoke to BF and he had posted the video and made some [censored] and bull story how it was something to do with his new iphone but essentially the video was wrong and took it straight off. He was obviously drinking and got finger happy on fb. I have come off his fb so don't see anything.

It was a video of him and the kids jumping in the pool from the back showing the 2 kids bottoms.
He is incapable of making good decisions when he has been drinking - as in anybody, but most of us control our drinking. His is regularly out of control. The first and most important decision he needs to make is to stop drinking for good.

If, tomorrow, he says that he is not interested in your plans and doesn't want to rebuild the relationship, you should tell him that he needs to stop drinking because you will not let the kids stay in his care at times when he is likely to drink (e.g. evenings). Tell him you will involve the family court if there are any more stupid decisions involving your kids.

I hope you won't have to say that, and that he'll agree to contact Dr Harley.

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