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BF and the children are all going out on the boat overnight tomorrow, this makes me so sad as this is my favourite thing to do with my family.

As things are going so well, I am feeling pretty good and enjoying this feeling for awhile.
But you'll go out on the boat one day in the future. In the meantime, enjoy your evening out tonight.

I urge you to keep in contact with Dr Harley about monitoring BF's drinking. It's very good that he drank mineral water today, but how will you know if he drinks over the weekend? I wonder if it's okay for you to make an agreement that you can ask at any time, and he will tell you the truth.

Obviously, he can lie, but I suspect that if he does, you'll catch him out soon. He doesn't seem to be that good at being drunk. I think you should keep in contact with Dr Harley about this, and about dating generally. Also, is it okay to spend family time together? Could you go out on the boat with them all, during the daytime next time? (Overnight seems like a bad idea, because of the sleeping arrangements.)

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