I just don't have a good feeling at all in the pit of my stomach. All that I seem to focus on is that BF has extended his lease for another 6 months, I know that this is the right thing to do but I just feel that he should have been actively pushing me to come home? He has not done this once. This takes me back to his relationship ambivalence. Also, I have been outside his house a few times now and he seems to have it all very well set up for someone who is just there temporarily. It is so confusing though as he still hasn't changed any of his addresses and still put down my address on our sons school records. He is also still paying for works to be done on our house.

Last night when I saw BF he asked if I wanted to join them all for dinner and I said I already had plans but I should have told him that I was meeting a girlfriend for dinner. He then walked in the house very quickly. I then received the not very nice text complaining about the clothes I left him. I sent a later text saying that I hope you are all having a nice evening with a kiss and I received a note saying the kids were asleep and a thumbs up. Then he left a instagram post on his social media saying;

"Early evening at The Tavern eating fish pie, kids fish & chips, G&T, J2O’s & now on the sofa watching the new Scooby Doo movie ‘Scoob’.. best Friday night in months... what lockdown Scoobs"

This also had a picture of all 3 of them sat in his house. This is the first time he has put a social media post of him in his house. Also a double whammy that this is his best Friday night in months, slightly insulting for all the Fridays we have spent together.

I think this is a reaction to me going out.

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