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Dr Harley kindly responded to my questions to;

1. Do we keep the children in a visitation schedule between our two properties?

Yes. It should be as if you are both divorced and dating in an effort to reconcile.

2. I am still concerned about his lack of commitment, I could go through this process and he still does not want to marry. any way I can test this?

The test comes after he has proven to be consistent in keeping his other commitments. The marriage issue is about whether or not you will be living together with your children or shuttling them back and forth for the remaining years you are raising them. And don't sign a prenuptial agreement.
I appreciate your copying Dr Harley's answer here. As you continue to post, his answers will help us to ensure that we coach you in accordance with his advice, rather than inventing advice of our own.

If we knew how to save marriages, we would never have screwed up our own!

Married 1989
His PA 2003-2006
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