I hope you all had a good weekend.

Just a quick update. BF came over yesterday morning with the children, it was so good to see them all after 2 nights away.

When BF turned up on the drive he got out the car and gave me a kiss on the lips. We sat and had a couple of hours in the garden just chatting the 2 of us whilst the children watched TV. We were filling each other in on the weekend, and I told him about my pre booked plans Friday night, and how it was a quiet dinner just my girlfriend and I. I also told him how I had a quiet day Saturday planning tennis then doing some gardening in the afternoon. Sunday afternoon we all went go karting which was such fun.

2 main positives about yesterday is BF asked me to sit down and make some plans for over the summer dates for him and I to spend time together and dates for us to spend family time. The other thing he kept telling me about was his lack of drinking over the weekend and how he took the children for dinner Sat evening and he drank mineral water, I didn't even have to ask! He looks so much better already and I so prefer him when he is not drinking. I think he is really taking this seriously. So far so good.

I am so happy. One thing I do need to sort out is my highs and lows. LAst week I got into such a state and really wandering about my hormones? I seem to get hit with a real low mid month. Something for me to sort out?

Anyway Happy Monday all.