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When BF turned up on the drive he got out the car and gave me a kiss on the lips. We sat and had a couple of hours in the garden just chatting the 2 of us whilst the children watched TV. We were filling each other in on the weekend, and I told him about my pre booked plans Friday night, and how it was a quiet dinner just my girlfriend and I. I also told him how I had a quiet day Saturday planning tennis then doing some gardening in the afternoon.
This sounds very good. How did he respond when you told him about Friday? Even if he didn't speak, did he look as if he appreciated the information?

He looked like he appreciated the information. When I told him what I did on the Saturday he said that sounded like a lovely day. During this whole process he has been telling me what he has been doing and where he has been the whole time. We are both on a running app together Strava and I often see when he is at his house going out for evening runs. Wen we were living together he really only wanted to spend time with us all as a family, he use to ask me not to plan evenings out on a Friday as he looked forward to coming home and spending time together. We just didn't get much time together as a couple. Towards the end he avoided couple time which was horrible.

Its strange, I almost like I feel he is pleased that I told him to stop drinking, all these years and I have never mentioned it. How is it possible to get like that? Its like I am showing him care and he appreciates that. Dr HArley said it will be the greatest act of care you can ever make. Its amazing how much alchohol can actually change someones personality?

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