Also current job is good pay flexible around the children and a lot of home working. However I am at home a lot and quite lonely under the new situation. Thinking I should go out there and get a new job which will mean more commitment / less flexible but more sociable?

I just can’t believe it is 6 months since we have been living appart. He has just signed a new lease for 6 months. He must be happier in his new situation. I miss him being in my bed every night. He doesn’t seem to miss any of this???

Can’t help wandering what I am doing waiting around for someone who is so complacent about me. Hanging in there on this and sticking to the plan.

I miss my son tonight too frown. He didn’t want to go to dads tonight.

Can’t help it but ringing in my ears is what Melody said - he is getting the best of both worlds now.

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