This is so hard, I am just saying.

We went to do the school pick up together again yesterday. We picked the children up and took them out on the boat after school and then had dinner together. It was lovely.

When we were having dinner and the children played in the garden BF told me that he had a melt down that morning that he is really upset with himself that he had gone through 3 brand new phones this year and had either lost or broken them. That he keeps losing things all the time and forgetting stuff. He blamed it on his age but I think it’s probably to do with his heavy drinking over the years. DR Harley said on the show you may see signs of it already.

Then we headed back and said bye to Dad. DD said Daddy can you sleep at our house tonight? Then said I think you two should go on honeymoon. Clearly DD wants us to be together breaks my heart.

We all said goodbye BF gave me a kiss on the lips.