Thank you Living_Well

I hope all is good with you and thanks for all your help over the last year.

Things are going really well with BF. He can't get enough of me really. He is over at 'my house' all the time, messaging and calling throughout the day. We went away on the boat at the weekend for one night and had the best time. That felt really good to be away from the house and everything in our own little bubble. He was lovely, and kept calling me 'the mrs' how ironic. He has still not been drinking and he was invited out on a boys night this Friday but has declined and said he would rather be with us lot than out damaging his liver anymore.

He has not agreed to go to AA, although I did say to him would he agree to go if he went on another 'binge session'? Dr Harley said that if he stopped drinking great, but if he started to drink again and go on another binge then he had to agree to rehab or I should go into Plan B.

Everytime I meet up with friends or family it brings it all back though my situation, I do feel a lot of shame and embarrassment around his cheating and splitting up. Then I feel anger bubbling up towards BF for putting us through all of this. I hide it though in front him. It would be interesting to hear from the vets how they dealt with this side of things? I do feel that I have kept a bit of distant from friends and family during this separation.

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