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He has not agreed to go to AA,

Did he say why?

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although I did say to him would he agree to go if he went on another 'binge session'?

What did he say to that?

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Dr Harley said that if he stopped drinking great, but if he started to drink again and go on another binge then he had to agree to rehab or I should go into Plan B.

You do know that AA and rehab are two different things? AA holds meetings where people support one another's efforts to stay off alcohol. Rehab is far more serious; you are an inpatient for up to three months with intensive therapy. It is for those for whom AA is not sufficient.

Does he know that he can never touch alcohol again? Even Christmas pudding is off limits.

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Everytime I meet up with friends or family it brings it all back though my situation, I do feel a lot of shame and embarrassment around his cheating and splitting up. Then I feel anger bubbling up towards BF for putting us through all of this. I hide it though in front him. It would be interesting to hear from the vets how they dealt with this side of things? I do feel that I have kept a bit of distant from friends and family during this separation.

As Sugar Cane says, your situation is highly unusual around here. 80% of shack-ups break down so what happened is not surprising. This new pathway will either take you to a stronger, healthier relationship or it will draw a line under it. Either is better than what you have now,

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