Hi Living Well

He has not agreed to go to AA yet - but if he starts to drink again then I will ask him to. If he does start to drink again Dr Harley advised to go straight into Plan B.

Dating is continuing to go well. BF is being very attentive and kind. He has not had one angry outburst with me this year. This is huge progress. He also is constantly contacting me every day.

I do feel myself 'more in love' with him, rather than just desperate to put the family back together again. We are spending lots of family time together, not as much just the 2 of us. Although we have some time planned for this over the next few weeks. We are spending the day together this Wednesday and we have one night away in a couple of weeks.

I do feel quite lonely though and do feel there is still some stuff missing. For example if I was dating someone new I would expect more romantic words, like him giving me compliments or telling me he loves me. This is missing. Also, when the kids are in bed during the week then he could spend the odd evening with me.

That anxious feeling still sits there and I feel a lot of internal anger / anxiety about being in this situation.

Thanks all