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I do feel quite lonely though and do feel there is still some stuff missing. For example if I was dating someone new I would expect more romantic words, like him giving me compliments or telling me he loves me. This is missing. Also, when the kids are in bed during the week then he could spend the odd evening with me.

Does he know you feel this way. Have you told him?

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That anxious feeling still sits there and I feel a lot of internal anger / anxiety about being in this situation.

Completely understandable, you have been through some tough times and it will take a while for new positive memories to replace the older negative ones. In the meantime you are being cautious as you have been burnt more than once.

But I wonder if part of the anxiety is coming from the fact that BF has not agreed to go to AA. You do not say why he has refused. Does he know that a single slip up would be the end of everything? Dr Harley recommended (if I remember it right) that you gently guide him into a recovery programme. It is much easier to kick an alcohol addiction with the support of a sponsor and group. Why push a rock up a hill?

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