Hi all

BF and I have been spending lots of family time together.

Tomorrow we are having a couple of days away on our own.

I still feel that he is a bit non commital, they are no social media posts of me (just him and the kids) or mention of coming home. Even silly things like pictures of me on his Facebook or Instagram.

I saw a post one of his friends posted of him and his wife with a caption ‘love her’. I mentioned this to BF seeing how he would react and he just grunted! Then I just said to myself he loves you in his own way!

I can’t help feeling how full on he was with me for the first few years of our relationship and how different he is now.

I just don’t want to have to ask him to tell me he loves me or be a bit romantic about me. It just feels forced that way. He use to all the time in the first few years.

BF stayed over Friday evening and we watched a Netflix show together. At midnight I wanted to go to bed and he wanted me to stay up with him and watch another show. I went to bed and BF watched one more and I had to go back in the room and get a glass of water. When I went back in the room I thought he dropped his phone on the floor as if he was hiding something. I asked him and he said no! Now I concerned.

I wish I didn’t feel so I insecure!!!! I am getting tired of feeling this way and can’t help but feel that he is a huge contributing factor.

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