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Cool thanks for checking in! Do you listen to the radio show? Friday they talked about needing to start with love busters or it’s hard to feel the deposits. Also the suggest you to say “I love it when you...” to let your partner know what makes deposits for you.

Thanks New, I did try and look into the radio station but I don't think they have loaded the program up yet!

BF and I went away on our own for 1 night last week. I was quite nervous before I went and got myself into a bit of a state. I can honestly say it was great. We spent 2 days on the boat swimming, sunbathing and chatting. We even saw a pod of dolphins. I said to him you really know how to have a first date and he laughed and said stick with me kid you will be alright.

He opened up to me a little on the boat, saying that he feels that he has gotten very intolerant of things over the last couple of years. That he feels some of this has come with the success of the business. He also said he couldn't be bothered with anyone anymore and he wouldn't care less if he never saw anyone else ever again apart from me and the kids. I do find this quite strange. Maybe it is some sort of sign of depression?

I also notice that BF likes us to be on the boat a lot as a family, I think this is because it is neutral territory. I feel that he does not like staying at the house. Which gives me little hope he wants to come home.

A male neighbour popped round to the house on Saturday evening when I was on my own to borrow some gardening tools. I made him a cup of tea and we made polite chat for about 30 minutes.

When I told BF the next day he got really angry saying this is how women can get attacked and how he wouldn't let another woman into his house. Also said that it was bad of me to let another man in the house, in a house we are paying for. I felt like saying well you don't want to be here, but I didn't.

Something is just 'not right' with BF and I don't know what it is. He is very irritable and argumentative with people around him. I also feel that he is really hard on DS and constantly puts him down and has unrealistic expectations of him. BF even admitted it how irritating he finds DS. DS is only 8 and yes he can be a bit of a day dreamer and challenging at times but very loveable and affectionate. He has fallen out with the football coach over something and didnt bother showing to DS football game on Sunday. He tried to argue with me about something on the boat and I told BF that I wasn't going to argue with him.

I remember before when we were living together this is what he use to like towards me. Its like he has this need to isolate himself a lot. Shut himself off from everyone.

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