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I have every sympathy with him here.

Why would you let a man into your home to chat for 30 minutes? Why make him tea? You could have been cheerful and helpful but guarded.

You might see BF as being a bit extreme when he talked about being attacked, but it's certainly possible that you were sending out "interested" signals during that chat. Of course, you're free to do that, but is that what you want to do?

Is this man married? I really hope you didn't upset a wife by doing that. I would be most discomforted if 1. a woman invited my husband in for tea and 2. he accepted and stayed for 30 minutes.

You were right SugarCane this was the wrong thing to do. Thankfully he is not married and believe me I have never entertained a married man, I couldn’t think of anything more repulsive personally.

To be honest is what just nice to have someone to chat to whilst I was sat on my own. We had a quick gossip about everything going on locally and there was genuinely no flirting involved, but inappropriate. I won’t let it happen again.