Hi All

All has been going exceptionally well with BF. He has started showing a lot more affection, being very kind and caring. I have felt a lot more secure and feeling like we had really turned a corner. Until.....

The problem seems to be now the kids, and I am really annoyed after a conversation I have just come off the phone with him. BF has taken DD out for a day whilst I get some work done dropping her back in the afternoon. When she was back I was planning on taking the kids out for a treat tea then getting DDs hair cut.

Then BF rings to tell me that he wants to keep DD for the day as he hardly ever spends time with her on his own, all of this is going on with DD in car. DD shouting in the back ground I want to stay with Daddy which I find very distressing. To be honest right now I hate him for putting us in this position. He should have discussed it with me not in front of DD.

On Monday evening again the kids were suppose to come home after spending the day with him and then he asked if he could keep them for longer. I really didn't want them to as they had a busy day the next day and wanted them to get an early night, BF just said who cares about play group the launching of a ship is more important than that. PLay group is something I organise for the children. BF doesn't like play group for them as he said they are too old for it now. I like it because they get free play and to see all their friends, it something I organise with mum friends for them. I reluctantly agreed to BF keeping the children and then when I went to meet up with them all later I felt like a spare part. He hardly said a word to me, not how are you hows your day. We walked to the boat with him a few metres in front of me. Kids also made derogatory comments to me obviously picked up from what BF had said to them, as things they repeated things like who pays for this car mummy? Daddy. Then why couldn't we scoot mummy, just because you turned up in your car.

He does seem to be very controlling around the kids. He is obssessed about my son doing this or the other activity (football, , fishing, boxing, cricket, tennis) the poor child is worn out. I am constantly having to shield DS from BF as I think he puts way too much pressure on him for 8 years old. He is now pushing DD to do football. I am sure its a control thing. DD isn't even interested in football, she only says she is when BF is around.

You know I even remember when the kids were born that he really struggled with not being able to take the children off on his own, that he put pressure on me to stop breastfeeding because of it. He is so independant.

I am not sure I can continue like this. I am angry right now and will take time to calm down. What sort of man puts the women he loves through this? In my mind he is using me for more access to the children.

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