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I am sorry as much as I want to keep my family together I am going to have to tell him. I can’t store it in any longer. It’s just plain weird.

Of course you must tell him. Be careful to always use the 'I' word so that you are presenting the issue as your feelings. It would be a disrespectful judgement to tell him how he feels. So you say 'I so appreciate the fact that there are no more angry outbursts and that you have stopped drinking. I would also love to spend one to one time with you'. Then listen carefully to his response.

Best of luck to you.

Thank you Living Well.

So I told him over the weekend. His response was sure we can go out, the problem our kids are so adorable!

Jesus this is strange. He wants to spend time with me at home in the house, but never instigates time him and I for dates. I do all of that.

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